I try to do this by bridging the personal and the political, by creating safe places where policy-makers can talk more openly to their opponents, and by encouraging the kind of self-knowledge that keeps people from thoughtless violence or assisting in the destruction of the planet. It's vital to me to keep as awake and aware as I can be and to take care of my own energy, nourished by spending time with my family, my friends and with nature.

The purpose of this website is to let you know you about where I come from, what I'm up to at the moment, what initiatives I'm involved in, and why. It's designed to be useful to you if you want to know about events that are coming up, and to suggest how you might participate or assist in quite a number of exciting projects. This is a wonderful time to be alive, and more and more people are realising that they want to contribute to healing the planet and making it peaceful. There's just so much happening that would benefit from your involvement: I really hope that this website can help you get started.

My new book Pioneering the Possible - Awakened Leadership for a World That Works was published in October 2014. Find out more here.