The Hanwang Forum, China

a platform to enable China to drive the development of an inclusive, ethical, resilient global society at scale and with a sense of urgency. 

Voice of a Woman

combines the power of the arts, activism and leadership for social change.  We use the arts as a tool to inspire and empower women and girls, supporting them to realise their full creative and leadership potential.  We work with female artists across a variety of disciplines, to build public awareness and galvanise support for global human rights campaigns.  THE VOICE OF A WOMAN provides the space for women's 'voices' to be heard and celebrates the achievements of the changemakers whose 'voices' are impacting culture, society and our world.


is an international grassroots movement that inspires everyone around the world to use his or her talent and energy for building peace and togetherness.

International Advisory Council of the Institute for Economics and Peace

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is a non-profit think tank dedicated to shifting the world’s focus to peace as a positive, achievable, and tangible measure of human well-being and progress. It achieves its goals by developing new conceptual frameworks to define peacefulness; providing metrics for measurement; uncovering the relationship between peace, business and prosperity, and by promoting a better understanding of the cultural, economic and political factors that drive peacefulness. 

Steering Committee of PAX

a service to help prevent wars and genocides.

Gender Rights and Equality Action

GREAT’s vision is a world where men and women have an equal chance to thrive. Our unique approach is founded on our belief that the best route to equality is through working with both men and women. We are a catalyst for change – encouraging debate, influencing policy and challenging established attitudes. Over the years The Gender Rights and Equalities Action Trust – GREAT – has built a reputation for tackling gender inequality in innovative ways and for bringing the issue to the many people who think it ‘doesn’t apply to them’. Our Great Men Value Women campaign, for example, works with teenage boys to give them space to discuss what they want masculinity to mean and the tools to challenge those stereotypes they are often required to conform to. 

Oxford Research Group

ORG is a peace and security think tank or NGO. Like all think-tanks we do analysis and reports that attempts to propose new policy solutions. We provide a meeting ground where establishment and more radical ideas can cross-fertilise. It is about getting new and more sustainable thinking taken up and incorporated within the establishment. We work to address the toughest security questions using detailed research and drawing on deep understanding of how human beings behave.