The following are links to short films and sound clips which contain either Scilla, or others working for peace around the world. 

Scilla in dialogue with Thomas hübel on crisis and Trauma integration

In this dialogue Scilla and Thomas consider how the effects of war on communities and individuals last for several generations. Thomas and Scilla give several examples how we can deal with it and explore what qualities and functions are needed to do so. What are the biggest threats we are facing right now and what evolutionary qualities are we developing in dealing with crisis? A viewer had the following comment: I am deeply touched by the breadth and depth of this video and the Pocket Project. The way Nicholas holds the space , and Listening to Scilla and Thomas weave in and out of the light and dark in our world, and from the personal to the collective gives me such a deeper understanding of this work and has strengthened my commitment to our practice. I hope you, my friends and family, will take the time to watch this.                                                                                                                                                                                               You can watch the dialogue, mediated by Nicholas Janni, here.

in-depth interview with scilla for global leadership tv

The interview conducted by Global Leadership TV is titled "The Heart of Peace" and is an in-depth reflection on the challenges and opportunities when trying to establish sustainable peace. You can watch the first part here and part II here.

short film "Rise" inspiration for Rising Women Rising World summit

Here is a beautiful artistic short film made by Alexandra Feldner, our Berlin partner for the magnificent Rising Women Rising World Summit that is coming up in Berlin this March, more information shortly be provided here. You can learn more about Rising Women Rising World here. You can watch the film here.

Scilla leads seminar at UCL on the importance of millennials

Scilla held a seminar at University College London as part of UCL's Policy and Practice Series. The title of the talk was "How Millennials – that’s you – are changing the way corporations think about values, and making them act" and prompted direct reflection on the role that students could play in bringing about change in the business world.  You can watch the seminar and discussion here.

Scilla appeared in a CNN Freedom project film

Scilla recently appeared in a CNN Freedom Project film calling for awakened leadership on human trafficking and slavery.Despite past and continuing efforts, human trafficking remains a tragic reality with wide-ranging social, economic and legal implications that affect all segments of societies around the world. While the primary responsibility for eliminating human trafficking lies with governments, an effective response requires participation from everyone. "Through passionate storytelling, investigative journalism, documentaries, live events, and viewer involvement, the CNN Freedom Project helps educate, motivate, and unravel the complicated tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life." You can watch an introductory clip here

Soul biographies published a video of scilla sharing personal experiences through beautiful anecdotes

In this wonderful video titled "Behind Every Old General" is a selection from an interview Scilla did in the early years of the millennium. Through inspiring anecdotes she discusses fear, jealousy, surrender, and her experiences during a diplomatic mission in China.

Scilla Featured in the documentary film "The Time Is… Now"

Winner of four international film festival awards the documentary "The Time Is... NOW" gives voice to an eclectic group of people who have survived extreme crises due to their inner power and faith. The viewer is taken on an exploration that endeavours to find the source of their inner strength. Did these people know that they had some unique power before they were forced to face those situations? Or did their soul reach out to a higher power in moments of crisis? These questions (and others) are addressed with the views of War Psychologists, Spiritual Leaders and Missionaries. As the New York Times remarked: “… the resolve of these survivors — who refuse to be defined by their tragedies — is inspiring.”

More information about the film can be found here. The film is to be released on DVD shortly and can now be seen on several online platforms including Xbox Video, Google Play, Vudu, Vimeo and Amazon.



“Fighting with non-violence” Scilla TED Talk with 1,012,000 views

"How do you deal with a bully without becoming a thug? In this wise and soulful talk, peace activist Scilla Elworthy maps out the skills we need — as nations and individuals — to fight extreme force without using force in return. To answer the question of why and how non-violence works, she evokes historical heroes — Aung San Suu Kyi, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela — and the personal philosophies that powered their peaceful protests."



Pioneering the Possible - A talk at the Royal Society of Arts in London

Scilla spoke to a packed audience about the new values of the 21st Century at the Royal Society of Arts in London in October 2014.

Scilla Elworthy interviewed by Andrew Harvey

A biographical sketch filmed in February 2014

Pioneering the Possible – Awakened Leadership for a World That Works

This film investigates the content of the book published by North Atlantic Books on 7th October and distributed worldwide by Random House.



Choice Point

Choice Point is a feature-length documentary film which probes the issues of transformational change and how when one person transforms his or her own life, that person can contribute in a positive way to the shaping of the world. The world is facing multiple "choice points" at this moment in history: individuals are making choices to change their nations, nature is giving us a wake-up call, economies are struggling, and for many of us the future looks uncertain. Yet people are also rallying to make choices and to have a voice, awakening from their apathy of previous decades. Each of us has the potential to be agents of change, and Choice Point is a film that endeavours to be an agent of change itself. "How does one make lasting positive changes?" The film answers this most important of questions by weaving together inspirational personal stories by public figures, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Barabara Marx Hubbard, Sir Richard Branson, Gregg Braden, Scilla Elworthy and many more.

Dr Scilla Elworthy talks about the World Future Council



Video: TalkWorks EXTRA - Scilla Elworthy

Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu in conversation with Niwano Peace Prize Laureate Scilla Elworthy. A Talkworks special. Visit their homepage here.

Keynote at St. Johns College, Oxford



Peace Wanted Alive: Kenya at the crossroads

In January 2008, Kenya exploded into violence after election results were disputed by one of the major political parties. The situation was dire as the country was split along ethnic lines. Young men fought with machetes, bow and arrows... entire city blocks were burned to the ground. Initially, the military was overwhelmed, but then their tactics turned brutal. In response, a team of veteran peacebuilders began working on the ground level to prevent genocide and civil war from destroying Kenya. This is their story.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy on global peacebuilding and nuclear weapons under President Obama's Leadership



Soldiers of Peace

Our intention with this film is to put peace back on the agenda in the 21st Century. We see that peace is in fact breaking out, regardless of the images of war we are bombarded with every day in the news. We look at how peace activists use the internet to reach millions of people, which was unheard of even 10 years ago. We tell stories of peace through grassroots activists around the world: unsung heroes who are working towards peace and have amazing stories that we could capture on camera. These people are rarely heard of in the news and its these characters that the audience will identify with. Their stories are entwined with our "peace experts" and notable individuals, who explain the key messages of the film and the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. Narrated by United Nations Messenger for Peace Michael Douglas and featuring Sir Richard Branson, Prince Hassan of Jordan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Bob Geldof, Hans Blix, Scilla Elworthy and the 'Soldiers of Peace' in Colombia, Ireland, England, Liberia, Nigeria, USA, and Kenya.

Scilla Elworthy - Founder of Peace Direct



Behind Every Old General