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SCILLA TO lead 4-day women's leadership retreat on LEADING WITH GRACE AND RESILIENCE, may 2017


Starting this May Scilla and Karen Downes will lead a new Women's Leadership Retreat on Leading with Grace and Resilience. The programme aims to give women the support to acquire the grounded, centered, personal presence that alters everything from dawn to dusk. It will provide an opportunity to be with a small group of women committed to creating the change we are passionate to see in the world.  It will offer time to quieten your mind, heal your heart, restore your spirit and build a new kind of courage and agency - to be seen, heard and known for who you are.  

It is designed for women who are committed to paving the way forward, to reinvent how we live and how large organisations work. Often women in executive positions are frustrated as they find themselves suppressing their values and wisdom to fit into existing business structures that are obsolete or based on outdated priorities and limited thinking. To change this system, we need to equip ourselves to lead from our inner power.

Leading with Grace and Resilience is for women who are committed to paving the way forward, to reinventing the way they live and how large organisations work. It will take place in a beautiful venue in Cotswolds, the English countryside – one hour from London by train. The brochure is available for download here, and any questions may be addressed to Karin. Here you will find the details of the programme 8-12 May. Places are limited to 15 so please let us know of your interest as soon as possible and don’t hesitate to contact Karen if you have any questions.


Scilla at the Vatican to advance woman's position, March 2017

 Addressing a large audience at the Vatican on International Womens Day, Scilla described the benefits that other male dominated institutions have gained from valuing the skills and insights of women at the most senior levels. She expressed her sadness that the Catholic church is being left behind in this vital development of consciousness of the 21st century. At the conclusion of the Summit Scilla received the WomenSowers of Development Prize. Listen to Scilla’s speech at the Vatican here.

Addressing a large audience at the Vatican on International Womens Day, Scilla described the benefits that other male dominated institutions have gained from valuing the skills and insights of women at the most senior levels. She expressed her sadness that the Catholic church is being left behind in this vital development of consciousness of the 21st century. At the conclusion of the Summit Scilla received the WomenSowers of Development Prize.
Listen to Scilla’s speech at the Vatican here.

Scilla in conversation about the largest threat to international security in Azerbaijan, March 2017

Last week Scilla was in Baku, Azerbaijan for the 5th Global Baku Forum on “The Future of International Relations: Power and Interests” (with 60 current or recent presidents and prime ministers representing 60 countries).
Scilla’s job was to address the question: "Is extremism and populism the biggest threat to international security?” so she drew attention to the major challenges humanity now faces, including global warming, over-population, the rich-poor gap and unprecedented levels of migration. Since none of these ‘threats’ can be dealt with by weaponry, it has become essential for us to develop a higher level of intelligence. For this Scilla deems the flourishing of feminine intelligence as essential. 

Scilla at 55th anniversary of Management Centre Europe, December 2016

Scilla: “Speaking to 140 participants at the 55th birthday event of Management Centre Europe was very stimulating, their subject being ‘A Disruptive VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) World'. We covered the six key aspects of Awakened Leadership, all especially vital in view of recent election results…” More information to be found here.

Scilla holds first Ahinsa Lecture at UNESCO headquarters, october 2016

Scilla was invited to hold the first Ahinsa lecture at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) on the occasion of the International Day of Non Violence marked to celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Under the header “Peace or War? Why War continues, how peace can be built, what it will cost and who can do it?” Scilla spoke about a variety of aspects invaluable for peace building. In addition to introducing her 'business-plan for peace' Scilla called for establishing a permanent United Nations Emergency Peace Service, an alliance of countries to prevent war atrocities, genocide and crimes against humanity and underlined the equal importance of inner work, following the observation that peace begins within each individual. A more detailed overview of the lecture, that was attended by High Commission Officials, members of delegations to UNESCO, entrepreneurs, NGO’s, academicians, researchers can be found here.

Scilla holds keynote at the Empathy & Compassion in Society conference in Oslo, October 2016

As "guest of honour" Scilla spoke all day at the Empathy and Compassion in Society conference in Oslo, holding a keynote on The Power of Dialogue in Times of Hostility and Insecurity and another talk on Pioneering the Possible: Awakened leadership for a world that works. In addition she addressed the «DARE to CARE» youth gathering. Scilla: "This conference provided a superb opportunity for those practising mindfulness and compassion, to explore how best these valuable practises can be put at the service of local and global challenges."


scilla in conversation with the dalai lama, September 2016

Scilla participated in the Mind and Life Dialogue of leading experts with H.H. the Dalai Lama. The three-day conference is titled Power & Care and deliberated on how these two primal forces - power and care - can be conscientiously and fruitfully allied, and engender projects and actions that promote the flourishing of living beings and of our environment.  The program included perspectives from the natural sciences, anthropology, psychology, politics, economics and the world’s contemplative traditions and tries to strike a balance between power and care in order to build a more caring and compassionate society.  Scilla joined the Dalai Lama for the final panel titled Personal Commitment and Global Responsibility. After explaining what personal commitment and global responsibility meant to her Scilla received a standing ovation from the audience. Recalling the event Scilla noted: Being so close to the Dalai Lama for such a long period was a profound thrill, and left a deep impression on me – of his playfulness, his wicked sense of humour, and his repeated insistence on compassion at all times. The capacity crowds drawn to both the events with the Dalai Lama in Brussels showed me what a vast thirst there is for his kind of common sense wisdom, noticeably among people under 40, and their deep wish to make a contribution to their communities and to the planet.”

Something that will hopefully resonate in Brussels throughout autumn and undoubtedly in the hearts and minds of all those that attended via technology or in person. You can still watch most of the Power and Care sessions here. The event was hosted by Mind & Life Europe.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       photocredit: Lysan Boshuyzen

                                                                                                                                                                                                     photocredit: Lysan Boshuyzen

FEMMEQ Summit in Berlin, june 2016

Scilla was thrilled to be involved in this unique summit that brought together 14 inspiring speakers from all corners of the world to Berlin to share their wisdom and experience with feminine intelligence.

“ FemmeQ is a two-day introduction to the emerging power of feminine intelligence, indispensable in building the future that we long for, for ourselves and our children. Through feminine intelligence, women and men cultivate the qualities that are essential to transforming the patterns of behaviour that have brought about the current crises we face. Feminine intelligence reveals and expands the qualities of leadership that are often hidden - the potency of compassion, the power of listening, the brilliance of intuition and the warmth of inclusivity.

If you are a corporate leader, a social entrepreneur or someone who longs to make a difference, FemmeQ is where you need to be.”

If you missed out on the summit you can still purchase the FemmeQ Summit DVD that will become available soon. If you would you like to receive a notification when the DVD will become available, please send us a message here.


Scilla to receive women of spirit award, May 2016

On the 14th of May Scilla received the Dadi Janki award as one of the 100 Women of Spirit in the UK (2016). During this day 100 Women of Spirit were brought together and celebrated whilst marking Dadi Janki’s (head of the Brahma Kumaris) 100th birthday. According to the committee, the women that were selected for the 100 Women of Spirit Award received this distinction by virtue of the fact that they are excellent role models of living spiritual values in their life and work. On accepting the Dadi Janki Award Scilla noted:   

 "What better occasion than this to celebrate so many extraordinary women who are showing up and demonstrating the energy of female spirituality in the UK today. They demonstrate how each of us can reach deep within and find her potential, and by changing herself from the inside out, can thereby bring about change in the world."


Initial reflections on leading with Grace and Resilience course, FEBRUARY 2016

Last week Karen Downes and Scilla co-facilitated a 3-day course for women executives and social entrepreneurs called “Leading with Grace and Resilience”. It took place in the ravishing environment of Bruern Abbey near Chipping Norton, and we invited my neighbour Giovanna del Perugia to come and cook for us, meaning that every delicious Italian meal was greeted with OOOOHs and AAAHs. So that was the serious stuff!

To complement all this beauty, we took our participants through three stages: ‘Leading Self', ‘Leading Others' and ‘Shaping the Future’. There was a lot of warmth and laughter, as well as deep learning for everyone, including participants travelling from as far as India and Chile. Throughout the course there was also deep learning for Karen and me as leaders. On reflection I believe the course has perhaps too much material in it; we have packed it with all the gems we want to share with women, and I believe that in the true spirit of the deep feminine, we may need more time to simply sit by the roaring fire and digest, absorb, share.

If you participated in the course and have any thoughts or suggestions you would like to share, please write an email to Lysan.



On 10th -13th February Scilla will co-teach with Karen Downes their new programme on Leading with Grace and Resilience. The programme aims to give women the support to acquire the grounded, centered, personal presence that alters everything from dawn to dusk. It is designed for women who are committed to paving the way forward, to reinvent how we live and how large organisations work. Often women in executive positions are frustrated as they find themselves suppressing their values and wisdom to fit into existing business structures that are obsolete or based on outdated priorities and limited thinking. To change this system, we need to equip ourselves to lead from our inner power. Leading with Grace and Resilience is for women who are committed to paving the way forward, to reinventing the way they live and how large organisations work. It will take place in a beautiful venue in the English countryside – one hour from London by train. Starting with a three-day course mid-February and concluding in September, it is a journey that enables women at senior executive levels to deepen their sense of value and worth, to align their purpose with their actions and to speak out to address critical issues. The brochure is available for download here, and you can find more details here. If you have specific questions or want to enquire about enrolment you can get in touch with Kristina.


Scilla addresses Trinity college students in dublin, january 2016

Last week Scilla gave a talk in Dublin at Trinity College titled "How Millennials – that’s you – are changing the way corporations think about values, and making them act". It was intended as food for thought and Scilla was delighted with the brilliant questions from business and economics students that attended her speech organised by Trinity College Student Managed Fund.


SCILLa participates in peace dialogue, december 2015

Last week Scilla was invited by Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace and Spirit of Humanity Forum to participate in The Peace Dialogue, at Higley Manor, Sussex. Here she met with 11 other experienced peace-builders and learned much from their work in Syria, Northern Ireland, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Iraq. "What emerged for me is the necessity of combining self awareness as a component in peace- building training anywhere, lest activists make situations worse by projecting their fear and anger onto others. Self-knowledge also enables actions to be more effective, durable and resilient."


Scilla & Rama Receive steiner peace dove, october 2015

Scilla Elworthy and Rama Mani were awarded the Rudolf Steiner Dove of Peace Prize for their invaluable contributions to the empowerment of women, including their recent initiative "Rising Women Rising World". Previous recipient, and World Future Council founder, Jakob von Uexkull handed over the bronze dove statue to Scilla and Rama in London the 6th of October.


SCILLA AT the UN for International Peace day panel, September 2015

Copyright © 2015 Word Future Council

During the panel Rising Women Rising World pioneers and founders will share their views on the important role that women can play in the establishment of peace. The topic "Women's Strategies for Peace for Future Generations" will be addressed through the themes of "The Arms Trade and Awakened Leadership for Global Security", "Re-imagining Political leadership for Troubled Times" and "Securing Environmental and Food Security for Future Generations". Contributors to this discussion will be Director-General of UNOG Michael Møller, Anda Filip, Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garcés as well as several advocates of Rising Women Rising World including Zahira Kamal, Thais Corral, Rama Mani and Scilla. More information about the event can be found here.

Yamrote Haileselassie summarized Scilla's speech as follows:

Dr. Scilla Elworthy (Founder of Oxford Research Group and of Peace Direct) delivered a passionate and compelling speech first, presenting Rising Women Rising World, and then powerfully outlining four strategies for peace. She outlined the unique approach of RWRW to co-create a world that works for all through 12 ‘Constellations’ of women experts who propose clear visions and tested strategies for transformation in each of the key sectors. She then explained four key strategies for peace: first, enabling more qualified women in countries in conflict to occupy key positions in peace agreements; second, building infrastructures for peace, as in Kenya; third, teaching children the skills of non-violence starting at nursery schools; and fourth, getting the media to give recognition to heroes and heroines of war prevention. Such heroines and heroes are the ones who, for instance, mediate between warlords in Sudan, rescue child soldiers in DRC, persuade young people to not become suicide bombers in Pakistan, or build bridges between people who hate each other in Sri Lanka. She stressed the importance of having their stories told on the front pages of all newspapers. She invited the audience to “imagine a world where peace builders, in every part of the planet, were systematically trained in the skills of Gandhi, Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi. Imagine if graduating from such a course became a basic qualification for standing election to any public office.”


SCILLA AT the seed festival, JULY 2015

I really enjoyed being at Hawkwood College for their Seed Festival. There was a feeling of expansion – minds and hearts expanding to engage with new ideas from great people like Jonathon Porritt, Juliet Davenport, Charles Eisenstein and Natalie Bennett. Plus there was a true feeling of summer and détente, with fabulous food being sampled outside in the sunshine, and a sense of connection between people who needed to meet each other. I had a good time talking about Rising Women Rising World – with the emphasis on Yin to Balance Yang and co-create the future. The packed audience asked the most amazing questions. And the exciting news is that Hawkwood is to create a Centre for Future Thinking, inviting all sorts of pragmatic visionaries to address key issues for society and the planet. Do look out for the new programme for 2016. 


SCILLA delivers keynote at 'making deterrence work in the twenty-first century' forum in oxford, 15 JULY 2015

"Beyond Deterrence: Re-thinking UK Security Doctrine" is an article is based on a keynote address given by Scilla to the “Making Deterrence work in the Twenty-first Century” forum held at Merton College, Oxford, 15 July 2015, hosted by the Ministry of Defence’s Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) and the University of Oxford Changing Character of War Programme. You can read the full article on the Oxford Research Group website here.


Scilla interviewed in iran review, july 2015

On the final day of the Global Media Forum 2015, Kourosh Ziabari a journalist from Iran Review interviewed Scilla about nuclear weapons, politics, the changing world and Islam. You can read the full interview here.

SCilla's Summer, june 2015

Scilla’s keynote on 24th June at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn produced a flurry of tweets and interest on social media, especially around the concept of putting ‘Guardians of Future Generations’ on the boards of large corporations. Twitter particularly picked up the idea of the ‘Regeneration Generation’ - those who realise we now have to go further than ’sustainability’ to assist and support the planet and its inhabitants in rebuilding a world that works for all. Scilla previously shared the concept of the 'Regeneration Generation' with Darshita Gillies for her to promote in her TEDx talk in St Andrews in April this year. You can watch Darshita's talk here

Deutsche Welle also published an interview with Scilla (which you can read here) where she had the opportunity to talk about the fast-growing importance of Millennials. By 2020, those born between 1980 and 2000 will form 50 percent of the global workforce and will be the largest consumer class. Attracting and keeping Millennials is giving many CEOs sleepless nights. Why? “Because an overwhelming 75% of us believe businesses are focussed on their own agendas, rather than helping people to improve society”. Research shows that Millennials have four major priorities: planet, people and purpose come before profit.

Rising Women Rising World (RWRW) has facilitated two further courses - one InnerAction course at Embercombe in May and a Facilitator’s course at Charney Manor in June. Both courses produced wonderful results: tens of viable and visionary projects and 11 more accomplished ambassadors to facilitate the InnerAction programme in the UK, Canada, Germany, Norway, Lebanon and Latin America. Find out more about RWRW here.

Having had a bad dose of the ’90-day flu’ Scilla is really going to take some holidays this summer. She has only accepted one engagement at the Seed Festival on Saturday 18th July where she will talk about the growth of Rising Women Rising World and rebalancing the deep feminine with the deep masculine. You can book tickets here.

Scilla writes for desmond tutu peace foundation, june 2015

On 15th June, the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation published an article written by Scilla describing 'Why finding 'peace within' is more essential than ever for young people facing an uncertain future...' You can read the full article here.



Nearly 200 people turned out on a sunny Saturday morning in Bristol to hear Scilla give the Second Annual Bristol Peace Lecture, on the subject: Peace in a Time of Hatred: how humanity can evolve when the going gets tough. Her text can be accessed here. 

The questions were brilliantly well informed and led to a lively discussion of radicalism, its causes and the ways in which it could be addressed.


Scilla in brazil for a learning lab on leadership, april 2015


I’ve just been in Brazil for a week where the amazing Thais Corral has bought a mountain which had been deforested and she is now working with a group of volunteers from all over the world to replant natural species.

Thais hosted 24 of us for a Learning Lab on Leadership, held in the most beautiful valley with waterfalls, huge yellow butterflies, hummingbirds and fruit hanging off the trees. Because of this abundance, an incredible spirit developed between the 24 of us, inspiring about 20 initiatives to apply Awakened Leadership to the fields in which we all work. For me the most remarkable outcome of the five days was this tangible spirit of trust, confidence and actually love, which we could all sense had emerged and which we have all taken away with us to apply, in practical terms, to the projects we’re developing.


EVENT: 'A Conversation on the role of women in transforming conflict in the 21st century', oxford university, 30 April 2015


SCILLA APPEARs on CNN and EDOF freedom project film, march 2015


Despite past and continuing efforts, human trafficking remains a tragic reality with wide-ranging social, economic and legal implications that affect all segments of societies around the world. While the primary responsibility for eliminating human trafficking lies with governments, an effective response requires participation of everyone.

The CNN Freedom Project, supported by The Essam and Dalal Obaid Foundation, brings greater global awareness to the problem of human trafficking and seeks to translate this awareness into real concrete action by donor countries, international organisations, NGO’s, and private foundations. Through passionate storytelling, investigative journalism, documentaries, live events, and viewer involvement, the CNN Freedom Project helps educate, motivate, and unravel the complicated tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life.

Scilla appeared in their recent video calling for awakened leadership from global leaders on the issue.


Scilla at the oxford literary festival, march 2015

On Saturday 21st March Gabrielle Rifkind (Director of the Middle East programme at Oxford Research Group) and I had a hour-long conversation about my new book Pioneering the Possible: Awakened Leadership for a World That Works in front of a packed conference in front Oxford Martin School as part of the Oxford Literary Festival. The questions from the audience were so well informed that I felt really encouraged that this is a message that people want to hear and are absorbing.

A week later on 28th March I chaired Peaceful Tactics in the first of a series of “new conversations for peace”, which Sally Dunmore, Director of the Oxford Literary Festival says she wants to make into an annual event. It was an honour and a pleasure to introduce Jo Berry and Pat Magee who have made such a profound success of their reconciliation. It was also wonderful to hear Dylan Matthews outline his plans for Peace Direct as their new chief executive and to hear presentations from Mark Siegel from the UK Department for International Development (DfID). Our thanks go to all these speakers and Professor Kalypso Nicolaidis, Professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford who chaired the second session introducing Professor of peace studies at the University of Bradford Paul Rogers, former hostage and hostage negotiator Terry Waite and peace-builder and poet-performer Dr Rama Mani, who also gave a very moving live performance to conclude the afternoon.


International women's Day, 8 march 2015

On 8th March, in honour of International Womens' Day, Scilla and renowned author and Jungian analyst Anne Baring co-authored an article for the Huffington Post called Women's Voices and the Rising Tide of Violence.

"International Women's Day may be celebrated every year, but in this year of 2015 we women need to wake up and start thinking about what - worldwide - we can do about violence against women.

What do women endure?"

To read the full article, visit the Huffington Post.



This is a photograph Scilla took during a recent trip to Turkey. She is pictured with Selma Masic, Syria Emergency Response for the International Organisation for Migration, Rama Mani and Burcu Karakas, journalist who had had a front page article that day on honour killings in Turkey.

Together they shared information on:

  • the treatment of the TWO MILLION Syrian refugees that Turkey has accepted, and generally is treating very well
  • honour killings of women worldwide
  • what women can do to build peaceful societies.

After this photograph was taken, they went to listen to the White Helmets, who were briefly in Istanbul for training. They now have 4 women teams digging people out of barrel-bombed houses. See https://thesyriacampaign.org/.



Undertaking the 10 interviews for the Shift Network Mini-Summit was an education for me! It opened my own eyes further to the title "Courageous Leaders Opening a Feminine Path to Healing our World". 

In a passionate opening session, Andrew Harvey shared with us the power and "fury for justice" of the feminine in all of its forms, and how you can use this power to inspire and create change in the world. True love in action! Andrew also spoke movingly about how men are now increasingly willing to stand up for women who are engaging in Sacred Activism, celebrating and honoring the divine feminine.

In Women and the 'heART' of Transformation, Dr. Rama Mani showed how art can do what statistics cannot do - namely speak "soul-to-soul". When she listens to those who have been through the most terrifying experiences in war, she says, their stories fill her heart. She encourages us to allow ourselves to “expand our imaginal cells” and imagine how the world could be. This, Rama says, can help build “Ourtopia”.

Speaking from Pakistan, Gulalai Ismail described her work in empowering girls through education, started when she was just 15. Now aged 25, she has started a network of young people to develop skills for confronting extremism, because many young men in the area are being brainwashed to join militant groups and “go for Jihad.” They have started study circles introducing techniques of nonviolence, and they now manage to work successfully with more than 1,000 people each year. Gulalai’s message to everyone listening was this: “If you have a voice and can be heard, you must please USE it and speak up on behalf of all those who cannot. Ask ‘why are so many girls in the world married before the age of 16? Why are so many facing abuse?’”

In a moving session Jean Houston said that the shift in consciousness necessary for human survival is not going to happen without a growing partnership between women and men. The world has been re-arranged, the re-set button of history has been hit, and in the next 100 years the masculine must come back into balance with the feminine. The world is hungry for VISION, and that’s why Rising Women Rising World is evolving, engaging women from all cultures and corners of the world to cross the divides of otherness. Don’t be surprised if — just when you are rising up and attempting the new — you are hit by a wave of negativity. This is normal — it’s the entropy that arises when we become real change makers... and it probably indicates that you’re doing something right! Just keep on — this is no time for whining!

As Director of Leadership and Capacity Development at the United Nations, Monica Sharma has designed and facilitated programs for whole systems transformation and leadership development throughout the world, with measurable results. She knows what it’s like to face the inevitable resistance as we push the boundaries for fairness and dignity for all. One of the reasons I admire Monica so much is that she’s seen the worst of what humans are capable of, and yet she can always identify ways we can move forward in the future. She sees opportunities related to peace, social justice and wellbeing.

Swanee Hunt devotes her time and experience to enabling women leaders. Her organisation, the Institute for Inclusive Security, provides training and support to integrate women leaders into peace processes worldwide. Why? because when women are not present at the peace table, the needs of the majority of victims of war — women and children — are not taken care of. Swanee totally endorses the work of Rising Women Rising World because, as she says, “we each need to think of ourself as a gift to others, and putting our strengths together — supporting each other as women do — we can provide the leadership the world so desperately needs now.”

Drawing on his vast experience working in the corporate world and his training in various forms of bodywork, Nicholas Janni outlined the distinctions between yin and yang, between being and doing. When doing is ‘rooted’ in being, it can lead to a deep form of listening, and the ability to hear what a higher intelligence may be trying to say. The masculine is disconnected from the deep feminine in much of the corporate world, but change is taking place - leaders are realising that the present system doesn’t work. There is a remarkable rise in Mindfulness, becoming mainstream. Millennials want to join companies that have purpose and meaning, and are willing to accept less money to do so. “If we really want to evolve, we cannot insist on being comfortable; those moments of confusion or lost-ness are tremendously fertile and lead to increased clarity on our life purpose.”

Then, what a conversation with Thomas Huebl – he shared how inner work - developing your self-awareness - can support your personal contribution to the world and make that contribution more effective. He said that when a human being “grows up internally,” he or she begins to feel joy simply in giving. Thomas likes the new mantra for the 21st century: “what can I give?” (instead of “what can I get?” - the mantra of last century). The yang needs the magnetism of the yin in order to stay healthy; if yang is not grounded in yin, it becomes destructive. When we begin to feel our connectedness to everything, then it becomes much easier to take care of the challenges we and the planet face, easier to see “the possibility that is already around you.” Current challenges, he said, become small compared to the intelligence that is available.

Ozioma Egwuonwu knowthat one of the challenges that keeps women from fully ‘embracing their shine’ is low self esteem. Having suffered this herself, she has worked out  a four-part process that any women can follow: Clarity, or being real with yourself; Compassion, or self empathy for your perceived liabilities; Confidence, or learning to appreciate who you are, and; Connection, or realising that you are not alone but connected to others. Do not resist our shadow, the part of ourselves that asks “Am I good enough?” Make fear your friend. Smile at it! Then concentrate on your vision: take a breath, feel your energy rise. Our dreams are not just for ourselves, but for a more compassionate society!

Georgia Kelly described the Mondragon Co-operative in the Basque country of Spain, where hundreds of worker-owned businesses have created a culture of equality. No poverty and no great wealth, and a feeling of safety and well-being for all.

Do listen to the recordings on www.risingwomensummit.comAnd join the conversation!



Women: Get ready to rise up! Join Scilla as she talks to 10 courageous women leaders (and a few remarkable men) at the forefront of spiritual evolution and conscious change – including Jean Houston, Rama Mani, Andrew Harvey, Thomas Huebl, Swanee Hunt and more – illuminating a feminine path to healing our world.

You’ll discover:

  • The secrets of great women changemakers & the important work they’re doing on the issues you care about
  • Personal, spiritual & psychological practices for accomplishing extraordinary acts
  • The importance of balancing the deep feminine with the deep masculine for making sustainable changes
  • And much more!

The Summit is free to all. To find out more and register for your place visit www.risingwomensummit.com.


SCILLA'S LATEST ARTICLE FOR THE GUARDIAN - "The tools for a radical new kind of leadership", 7 january 2015

Working with leaders like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, Scilla Elworthy has learned that inner work is the most important prerequisite for effective leadership... Read the full article on The Guardian.


Scilla appears on the gary null show, 22 December 2014

On 22nd December, Scilla appeared on The Gary Null Show as part of his Conversations with Remarkable Minds series to discuss "The path for a shift in consciousness for a new awakened paradigm of global and local leadership"You can listen again here.



PBWM-may 20-1.jpg

We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to order copies of Scilla's book Peace Begins With Me. Now out of print, this pocketbook for young people is full of wonderful inspiration in the form of beautifully illustrated stories and examples to develop inner power and outer effectiveness - the perfect stocking filler!

The book is on sale at £5.00 with an additional £2.00 for postage and packaging. If you'd like to order a copy, please send your name and delivery address to Elsie - elsie@scillaelworthy.com and she will reply with payment details. If you'd like to receive your copy before Christmas, please order before 17th December to beat the festive posting deadlines.


Scilla in germany with heidelberg university and the do school, 5-10 December 2014

I love going to Germany, because so many people there are thinking about the future in imaginative ways. At the University of Heidelberg's Tomorrow's Citizen Conference a large audience was willing to plunge with me into the radical revision of values that is vital if we are to meet the challenges facing the planet. We discussed 10 values or norms that have governed our (Western) actions for centuries, and which have contributed to the state of the planet today. In each case I presented new values that could enable better decisions – decisions that could get us out of the mess we’re in. Watch this space…. for our brand new pdf [ready before Christmas] showing how these stale values are being replaced by fresh ones, with examples in each case of how these new values are producing brilliant initiatives the world over. 

From Heidelberg to Berlin, to meet up with my brilliant, inspired and able colleagues from The DO School. Remember them? They work with young social entrepreneurs in over 60 countries as well as the leadership teams of large companies and organisations to transform challenges into new solutions, for example in H&M: The H&M Green Store Challenge

They had set up a super-chic launch event for my new book at the Soho House….exciting… Into the auditorium poured some of the leading lights of the city – chief execs of companies at the forefront of innovation in Germany, industrialists, film-makers, leading thinkers in education, government, the UN and  NGOs. It could have been intimidating, were it not for the warm support of the DO School team. I tore up my notes and just spoke from the heart. To judge from my inbox later, it seemed to meet a need!

Scilla speaks at Natural Leaders NOW conference in London, 23 November 2014

On 23rd November Scilla spoke at Natural Leaders NOW, an inspirational conference hosted by Embercombe's Mac Macartney in London. Scilla's masterclass asking what's driving us, and how we can bring that self-knowledge to the work we do, was very well received. You can read a round-up of the weekend's events on the Network of Wellbeing website.


The first Rising Women Rising World two-day InnerAction Workshop, 20/21 November 2014

On 20th and 21st November Rising Women Rising World held a very successful two-day InnerAction Workshop for women and men who are committed to building their inner power in order to take effective action in shaping the future. Rising Women Rising World is currently in the process of arranging other workshops for 2015. If you would like to register your interest, please email elsie@risingwomenrisingworld.org.

Upcoming Facilitators Course in January 2015

Rising Women Rising World is also offering a 5-day Facilitators Course - January 12-16 2015 - at Dartington Hall in Devon for those who wish to become qualified trainers of the InnerAction course for Rising Women Rising World, using our vital tools to prepare women and men to meet today’s challenges personally and globally. If you would like to be considered for this training, you can find out more here, or email Rachel Fleming at Rachel.Fleming@schumachercollege.org.uk


Rising Women Rising World UK Parliament launch, 17 November 2014

On Monday 17th November, Rising Women Rising World launched in the UK Houses of Parliament where we presented women’s visions and strategies for 100 years of peace in the centenary year of the First World War. It was a huge success and a wonderful evening; full of energy and inspiration and we are delighted so many people made the effort to join us.

From Scilla, Baroness Hussein-Ece OBE, Dr Jean Houston and Dr Rama Mani the audience heard the voices of women who have experienced the fallout of war. We explored this unique moment in history for change and women’s willingness and ability to propose a new vision and strategy. Together we shared a vision for what a future world - a world that works for all - could look like and feel like; how women are working to shape it; what Rising Women Rising World is doing to support this and how you can be a part of it.

Rising Women Rising World is a growing, vibrant community of women on all continents who take responsibility for building a world that works for all. The custodians of this mission are a committed group of professionals, who, over the past 30 years have been shaping their respective fields: economics, business, governance, security, health, ecology, media, culture and the arts, education, spirituality and indigenous wisdom. Now, as Rising Women Rising World we come together to pioneer a possible future.

Our work is sourced from deep feminine wisdom and values that have been marginalized for centuries. Our global network, power of collaboration and strategic approach bring this work to fruition. We are all here at this critical moment to envision, evoke and enable the world that yearns to come into being.

You can also find out more about Rising Women Rising World by looking around the website, liking us on Facebook: Rising-Women-Rising-World and following us on Twitter: @RisingWRisingW.

For any further enquiries, please use the Rising Women Rising World contact form.


Scilla introduces Amma, 27 October 2014

On Monday 27th Scilla was profoundly impressed by the extraordinary work worldwide of Amma 's volunteers. "They have been feeding hungry people in Mumbai every week for the past 18 years, feeding the homeless in cities across North America and feeding families in need in Spain and in Costa Rica...

They have built 45,000 homes for the homeless throughout India. Have a look on her website to see how beautiful these simple homes are. In their hospital in Kerala, more than 3 million patients receive completely free treatment.

I agree with Muhammed Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner, when he said "Amma has done more work than many governments have ever done for their people."

When I met her and talked to her I realised that Amma's huge heart plants compassion like a seed in the hearts of others, and that is the secret to this huge army of volunteers changing the lives of millions."


Scilla speaks at the Inter Parliamentary Union in Geneva on behalf of the World Future Council, 14 October 2014

  Burkina Faso's First Lady Chantal Compaoré with Scilla Elworthy 

Burkina Faso's First Lady Chantal Compaoré with Scilla Elworthy 

Yesterday I was delighted to be speaking to 500 members of parliaments from all over the world at the Inter Parliamentary Union in Geneva. On behalf of the World Future Council I was asked to present our Silver Future Policy Award to the First Lady of Burkina Faso for their Law prohibiting Female Genital Mutilation.

The World Health Organisation estimates that between 100 and 140 million girls and women worldwide have been subjected to female genital mutilation, and every year, an estimated 3 million girls in Africa are at risk. This issue is close to my heart because in the 1970s I worked with a group of 5 African women to publish the first ever report on female genital mutilation. At the time, the WHO did not yet address the issue, and it was not considered a crime anywhere in the world.

Now at last significant progress in the fight against FGM can be seen in Burkina Faso: between 2006 and 2010, the percentage of girls aged 0 to 14 having undergone FGM has nearly halved. Arrests and sentences for those who perform the cutting and parents who submit their daughters have been increasing. 

This forms part of a growing wave of worldwide awareness of violence against women and girls, and serious efforts to deal with that violence, which I believe will result in women being able to play their real part in a better world for all.

[1] Source: http://www.who.int/reproductivehealth/topics/fgm/prevalence/en/


Scilla's latest blog post for The Huffington Post, 10 October 2014

True pioneers are fuelled by their vision of how a new world could be, and dare to take on what has never been done before. Now, when so few people have any vision at all of the future, the pioneering spirit embodies the kind of leadership so deeply needed on the planet... Read the full article on The Huffington Post.


Pioneering the Possible at the Royal Society of Arts, 9 October 2014

Scilla gave a lunchtime lecture to a packed room at the Royal Society of Arts in London on Pioneering the Possible. With RSA director of education Joe Hallgarten, Scilla discussed shifting consciousness and replacing the stale values of the past, in order to build a world that works for all. You can listen again to Scilla's talk on the RSA website here.


How to find your inner power, 9 October 2014

Want to be the kind of leader our world needs? Scilla Elworthy shares how you can improve your self-awareness and tap into your inner strength… Read Scilla's blog post for Virgin Unite here.


Pioneering the Possible: Awakened Leadership for a World That Works is published in the US, 7 October 2014

Pioneering the Possible: Awakened Leadership for a World That Works is my latest book which was published in the US by North Atlantic Books on 7th October 2014, distributed by Random House.  

The book is on sale in the US and available for pre-order in the UK (available 7th November) and can be purchased and pre-ordered (UK) at Random HouseWaterstones and all good bookstores. It is also available for download on Amazon or iTunes.

Please share your thoughts on the book on Twitter @scillaelworthy and Facebook using #PioneeringthePossible.

You can read more about the book and what others have said about it here.


Natural Leaders Now: Values for a better future, 4 October 2014

On 23rd November Scilla will be speaking at Natural Leaders Now, an inspirational conference hosted by Embercombe's Mac Macartney in London. Read Scilla's blog post on values for a better future ahead of the conference on their website. If you'd like to attend the conference you can book your tickets here.


A cuppa and a chat with Virgin Unite, 3 October 2014

Scilla chats to Virgin Unite about peace, possibility and power. And what happened when Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel called her up... Read the full interview with Virgin Unite here.


The Syria Campaign

Scilla is an adviser to the Syria Campaign, which has created the storytelling content and social media strategy that will be used by a coalition of more than 100 international civil society organisations ahead of the UN General Assembly in September 2014. This international coalition will focus public attention on attacks on civilians in Syria (often through brutal explosive weapons) to galvanise the international community to take action to stop their use. The last video about Syria made by the director we worked with has been seen more than 33 million times.

Scilla hopes you will watch the new video and share it with others.


Palestine, 18-24  September 2014

I just returned from a deeply moving and instructive visit, hosted by Zahira Kamal, the first minister for Women's affairs in the Palestinian cabinet, meeting women's organisations, actors, artists and film makers, politicians and youth groups.  I'm now writing up what I learned and will post it soon on these pages. I do my best to balance what I learn from Palestinians with what I learn from Israelis.


A visit to beautiful Cornwall, September 2014

 Light through the canopy on a Cornish footpath

Light through the canopy on a Cornish footpath

In August I spent some time away in beautiful Cornwall; what struck me most is that Cornwall is person-sized. The footpaths are like magical tunnels into fairy tales, people greet each other on coast walks, and not a phone or a tablet did I see on the beaches - parents were playing with their children. You can roam an actual jungle in the Lost Gardens of Heligan and touch the banana trees growing there. Because of the mystery that surrounded the gardens when they were discovered by Tim Smit in the early 90s - totally overgrown and dilapidated – the fact that they have been so exquisitely restored does meet a need for meaning in the soul. I could see it in the absorbed faces of the families drinking it all in. 

The perfectly ordered veg garden was abundant with old-fashioned varieties and fruit trees basking against the brick walls, heavily laden with fat, juicy pears. The garden even boasts a reconstructed pineapple house heated with fresh manure – exactly as it was done when aristocrats competed to grow exotic fruit.

As I drove through the gates, a big sign appeared for Dead Dog in a Suitcase - an off-the-wall show by the amazing, uber-talented and wacky Kneehigh Theatre Group - a magic contrast to the sublime beauty of the gardens. 

My visit to Heligan made me feel like I come from a culture and a heritage that is ancient and worthwhile. Of course it's a privilege to have a garden like this one, but now everyone can enjoy it, and be woken up by the wild sculptures that now appear along the paths. The dappled light coming through the leaves on Cornish paths quite takes your breath away.

And when I returned home, there was another kind of surprise awaiting - a parcel from the US with four preview copies of Pioneering the Possible - the first time I've seen the text as an actual book. Hard to contain the excitement!

Scilla joins Twitter and Facebook, August 2014

Scilla has joined Twitter and Facebook to share insights into her work, life and upcoming new book Pioneering the Possible: Awakened Leadership for a World That Works, published on 7th October.

Find Scilla on Twitter - @ScillaElworthy and on Facebook.


Rising Women Rising World, 23-26 July 2014

RWRW at Nexus UN Global Summit

Rising Women Rising World were present in strength at the Nexus 4th annual summit on Innovative Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship in New York on 23-26 July. This took place in the United Nations headquarters. Jean Houston made such a deep impression on the highly sophisticated millennials at this Nexus gathering that she received a standing ovation for a profoundly moving talk on the extent of the challenges facing humanity at this time in history. The following day Rising Women held a panel session, informing a large audience about the training courses we are offering, how we plan to affect government policies, and the ways in which RW is spreading globally. There was a huge audience response indicating the hunger for this kind of approach, with many requests to join the first 'Training the Trainers' course.

Find out more about Rising Women Rising World here and read a write-up of Jean Houston's speech


Pioneering the possible

Scilla’s new book Pioneering the Possible – awakened leadership for a world that works is coming out soon. It will be published by North Atlantic Books on 7th October 2014 and distributed worldwide by Random House, with an introduction by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 

Critics say: “This extraordinary book is a model of incandescent leadership, inspiring us to imagine a different kind of world and the means of bringing it into being.” Full details are here.


Huffington Post, 23rd April 2014

10 Global Values That Are Old and Stale, and How to Replace Them

In April 2014 at the conference on "Love and Integrity in Governance" in Iceland I presented 10 values or norms that have governed our (Western) actions for centuries, and which have contributed to the state of the planet today, and then proposed that we can replace each one with the kind of values that could enable better decisions -- decisions that could get us out of the mess we're in.


Journal of Holistic Healthcare, Volume 11, Issue 1, Spring 2014

+Authentic Leadership: ten values we have to change"

I analyse the current leadership crisis and propose ten necessary shifts in perspectives and values.