Kompass - November 2016

A Global Strategy For Building Peace : Changing the Way the World Deals with War

“In an unprecedented overall strategy to prevent violent conflict, Dr. Elworthy develops a whole systems approach to the building of peace worldwide, from the local level to regional and national and global levels.”  The article was published in the first edition of Kompass, a magazine dedicated to cultivating a culture of peace.

Tea After Twelve - 15th July 2015

Why is the Future up to Generation Y?

Scilla elaborates on her perspectives on the role and significance of Millennials in an interview that was conducted just before her keynote to the Deutche Welle Global Forum in June 2015.
"Millennials feel that the moral compass has disappeared. Many express the need for a sense of purpose at work, and to align what they do every day with what’s happening in the wider world. They say they want to make a contribution, to feel there is meaning in what they do."

Network of Wellbeing - 4th December 2014

Embodying Your Own Truth: Review of Natural Leaders Now Conference

Living in alignment with our own values is important for our personal wellbeing, and can also help us to have a more positive impact in our wider communities and on the natural environment too. Being mindful of how we embody our values is also a vital part of leadership; having the potential to inspire others to follow suit. In late November, some of the NOW team attended the Natural Leaders Now conference in London, which explored many of these themes. In this post Research Volunteer, Nicola Round, reflects on her experience of the event.