Western Morning News - 13th ‎June 2014‎

Aaakash Odedra's dance innovation is highlight of Tagore festival

And international peace-building at the highest level in the modern world will be revealed by Dr Scilla Elworthy, founder of conflict resolution NGOs, Oxford Research Group and Peace Direct, as well as advisor to Nelson Mandela's The Elders.

Huffington Post - 23rd April 2014

10 Global Values That Are Old and Stale, and How to Replace Them

In April 2014 at the conference on "Love and Integrity in Governance" in Iceland I presented 10 values or norms that have governed our (Western) actions for centuries, and which have contributed to the state of the planet today, and then proposed that we can replace each one with the kind of values that could enable better decisions -- decisions that could get us out of the mess we're in.