Pioneering the Possible – awakened leadership for a world that works

published by North Atlantic Books on 7th October 2014, distributed worldwide by Random House.

Most human beings worldwide are anxious about the future, afraid for their children, and dissatisfied by their lives, but have no idea what to do about it. This book is the first to address these anxieties head on. It does this by envisaging a future that could work for all, demonstrating with live examples how that future is already emerging, and profiling the people – well known and unknown - who are already living it.  
Written by a three-times Nobel Peace Prize nominee with 40 years experience at the sharp end of politics and conflict, the book tackles the old, deeply embedded 20th century values that get in the way of addressing global problems, and shows how these can be - and are being - reversed. 
The new brand of leaders, able to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, manage to combine inner self development with outer action. If we want to communicate clearly, transform conflicts, generate energy and develop trust in our teams, our first challenge is to do the inner work. This is the current evolutionary process that most people can’t see: namely that the desired outer changes cannot come about without the inner change. The quality of your awareness directly affects the quality of the results you produce. This book demonstrates how anyone can develop this inner power to build their own personal contribution to the future, and become a 21st century pioneer of what’s possible.

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Peace Begins with Me

We as humans have a great challenge right now: we can go on as we are - and if we do, it’s clear that life as we know it will soon be untenable. Alternatively, we can change. Change begins at home, with us. Actually, with me.
So if I want peace in the world,
I need to start at home.
Perhaps that’s what I really long to do -
To find my true purpose in life.
To know what I’m here for.
To become who I really am.
If this sounds like you – or someone like you - this little book is intended to support you in that adventure, drawing on wisdom from all parts of the planet.
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Soul Power – an agenda for a conscious humanity

By Anne Baring & Scilla Elworthy
This short book shows, via beautiful photographs and minimal text, how we can understand the crises of our times, become aware of the deeply rooted beliefs that have governed political actions that have led to those crises, and move beyond those beliefs toward a worldview that would re-connect us with nature and enable us to take action for a better world.

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Tools for Peace

This little booklet is intended for young people to enable them to begin to acquire the skills useful for what they want to achieve in the world. It:
•    shows why it’s worth investing time in peace, for ourselves
•    examines the core of what inner peace is, and what it consists of, according to some great teachers
•    introduces seven people who have achieved inner peace, peace that lasts
•    suggests the quality of inner peace that they found
•    shows how we can get there too
•    imagines what this can lead to, for us, in practical terms
•    explores how our own discovery of inner peace can affect the future.
This small pocketbook will be available from our shop, price £5.00 + £3.00 P&P 

Making Terrorism History

by Scilla Elworthy & Gabrielle Rifkind, published by Random House UK, 2007
Ever since 9/11, it's been clear that we need a new way to deal with terrorism. In this important new book, two experts explain: the root causes of terrorism; the links between trauma and fundamentalism; why people become suicide bombers; why peace processes collapse; whether non-violence is a useful response; and what can be done. Clear, far-reaching, and extremely persuasive, their book shows why political violence is now a major force in our world. At the same time, it offers a range of practical actions that can be taken to combat it, not only by our governments but also on the ground in Iraq, Israel, Palestine, and more widely. In addition, it highlights the many simple but effective steps that we, too, can take within our local communities to make peace—not war—on terror.

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Power & Sex – a book about women

published by Element Books 1996, re-printed in various editions & languages
Can power be wielded with integrity and responsibility? How do we oppose domination and power without using force or escalating conflict? Author and former UNESCO consultant Scilla Elworthy, Ph.D., takes on these timely and important issues in her groundbreaking book. Dr. Elworthy calls upon men and women to replace their distorted notions of "male" power and domination with a new, inner power, developed through the body, mind, and spirit. This power, she asserts, is available equally to men and women; it is rooted in the power of union, balancing the male and female elements in everyone. This union also offers men and women a more natural and fearless approach to sex and sensuality. In Power and Sex, we see how in both personal and public life, the inner fusion of masculine and feminine energies are the answer to the kind of power the world needs today. Readers can use this book to bring power into their lives without taking it away from others. With it, you can transform yourself and your world.

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Other writings

I have written, edited and contributed to many reports, articles and books including:

  • 1986 Editor: How Nuclear Weapons Decisions Are Made (Macmillan, London)
  • 1987 Author: Who Decides? Accountability and Nuclear Weapons Decision-Making in Britain, (Oxford Research Group). 
  • 1988 Producer: The Nuclear Weapons World: Who How and Where (Pinter Publishers, London).
  • 1989 Author: Parliament, the Public and NATO’s Nuclear Weapons, (Oxford Research Group).
  • 1990 Co-author: New Threats and New Responses: proposals for future security decision-making in Europe, (Oxford Research Group).
  • 1991 Co-author: Defence and Security in the New Europe: Who will decide? (Oxford Research Group).
  • 1992 Editor: International control of the Arms Trade (Oxford Research Group).
  • 1996 Editor and contributor: Re-thinking Defence and Foreign Policy, (Spokesman Press, London).
  • 1996 Author: Power & Sex (Element Books)
  • 1997 Editor: Proposals for a Nuclear Weapon-Free World – a meeting between China and the West (Oxford Research Group).
  • 2001 Co-author: The United States, Europe and the Majority World after 11 September (Oxford Research Group).
  • 2001 Author: The Widening Atlantic (Open Democracy).
  • 2002 Co-author with Professor Paul Rogers: A Never-Ending War? Consequences of 11 September (Oxford Research Group).
  • 2002 Co-author with Professor Paul Rogers: The ‘War on Terrorism’: 12-month audit and future strategy options (Oxford Research Group).
  • 2002 Author: The Road Not Taken (Open Democracy).
  • 2003 Author: The crisis over Iraq: the non-military solution (Open Democracy).
  • 2004 Author: Cutting the Costs of War: non-military prevention and resolution of conflict (Oxford Research Group).
  • 2005 Author: Tackling Terror By Winning Hearts & Minds (Open Democracy).
  • 2005 Co-author: Hearts and Minds: human security approaches to political violence (Demos, London).
  • 2006 Author: If Diplomacy Fails (Open Democracy).
  • 2006 Co-author: Making Terrorism History (Random House, London).
  • 2009 Co-author with Anne Baring Soul Power (Booksurge, USA)
  • 2009 Author Peace and Security Now, (Fetzer Institute, USA).
  • 2010 Co author with Paul Van TongerenGlobal Peace Building Strategy.
  • 2010 Author of Tools for Peace (World Peace Partnership, July 2010).
  • 2011 Author of Peace Begins with Me (World Peace Partnership, July 2011).
  • 2014 Author of Pioneering the Possible: awakened leadership for a world that works (North Atlantic Books, autumn 2014).