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After the confusion of Brexit, the US elections and the upsurge of xenphobia and nationalism across Europe, we are repeatedly contacted with a simple question:

what can I do?

Here are four suggestions that Scilla offers: 

  • Support 350 to trigger massive divestment from fossil fuels: This student-let initiative inspired institutions to divest around 5.4 trillion from fossil fuels; another 5.2 billion was divested by individuals as of January 2017 by holding leaders in various positions accountable to the real­ities of science and the principles of justice. Learn more about the global climate community 350 here
  • Support non violence in schools and at home: Many schools are now finding that the simple steps of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) work extremely well to minimize bullying and teach children skills that will be invaluable throughout their lives. You can also break any cycle of violence in your own family or com­munity by opening dialogue and using Non-Violent Communication. Learn more about NVC here
  • Get to know and embody Feminine Intelligence: The feminine intelligence that exists in both women and men is now needed to face the current crises and bring a radical shift in the way we live and lead.To shape the future that is needed in our world today we must bring into balance the masculine and the feminine. Indispensable are the feminine qualities as Compassion, Intuition, Inclusivity, Deep Listening and Interconnectedness. Find more information about FemmeQ here
  • Support alliances of cities standing for peace values: If you live in a city, ask if your city is one of the United Nations Peace Messenger Cities. These are cities around the world that have volun­teered for an initiative sponsored by the United Nations to promote peace and understanding between nations. Look up your city here

Dowload the full list of suggestions that Scilla made here.